Sep 18, 2017

Elegant BORN PRETTY Nail Art Stickers Designs Just Needs $0.99

Hello dear. Happy Monday. Hope you have a wonderful mood to welcome a new week. ♥♥♥
This post will share you a collection of nail art stickers from our customers, and you could pay more attention to check if there is your nail art here! Let’s enjoy them now together:)

Look here, fresh and beautiful water decal nail art stickers, do you love this style? Simple usage with all water decal, why not try one? You could see more details with item code 40507 from bornprettystore, and design your own nail art, $0.99 if waiting for you. 

Could you believe that it is design by starry foil holo nail stickers? Actually, I mistook it as holo flakes art nails. Magic effect, let’s see more about this blue foil sticker here~

Another nail foil sticker, I can not believe my eyes that the nail art looks so elegant and creative, really art for beauty. And I think you also could design more beautiful nails ^◡^

Lovely nail art stickers are coming, simple beauty patterns, suitable for cozy life, how do you think of them? There are flowers, animals, funny element and so many other interesting images, if you are going to spend a comfortable holiday, then it is the best choice for you. Just need $0.99 with item code 40606. 

Another two rose flower nail art, but they have cool and unique images. Rose flower with different colors, all selected by yourself, just needs $0.99. If you love both flower nail art and nail sticker, then it is designed -tailed for you. Item code is 40678.

The last one is here with stamping nails effect, do you agree me? Special wave lines on the nails, really great ideas. You could try this one if you want to be looked cooler!! Search item code 33937 and shop it with $0.99 soon from our website.

Thank you very much for your support all the time. Please feel free to share your thoughts about our BORN PRETTY.

At last, I have to share you a great news that our BORN PRETTY 7th anniversary sale celebration from Oct.10th to 20th is coming soon, more sale details will be shown on Sep 25th in our website. Don’t miss this great opportunity~~

See you next time ◍•ᴗ•◍

Sep 14, 2017

BORN PRETTY Stunning Polish Nails Designed from Our Lovely Customers

Hello, our BORN PRETTY darlings. Happy Friday! How is your this weekday? Anyway, the weekend is coming, are you ready for your weekend plans? If not, how do you think about trying designing your nails?

Today, I am going to share you a collection of stunning polish nails reviewed by our customers. Follow me to see those wholesale nail polish designs and feel free to try one!!

Look at those mermaid nail polish reviews, how amazing they are!! Do you agree me? Which one color is your favorite? I love the blue one so much and it is also very suitable for coming autumn and summer. Wanna try the wholesale nail polish? Search 40312 from and you could see more choices there.

Dark green nail polish, a kind of fashionable color, best choice for your cold winter. It can be matched well with your cool coat. Do you also like this kind of green nail polish? The item code is #35982.

Our BORN PRETTY one of the most popular pumpkin long-lasting nail polish, which can surely make you hands look whiter ◍•ᴗ•◍Item code 40157, search wholesale nail polish from our website and you could enjoy more~

The color of the nail polish is darker than above nail design, right? If you always love dark colored wholesale nail polish, then it is your one and bring it home ♥♥♥♥

The two ones, beautiful nails with color changing nail polish, the effect will look different for different people. Would you like to know this product #25178 effect on your hands? Then why not try it?

Here is the last one, pink color changing nail polish. How do you think of this nail art? If you want to be looked younger and more enthusiastic, then try this one. Informal occasions with the nails are OK.

Now, it is done. Which nail art is your favorite? As for me, the mermaid nail polish is the one what I exactly love. You could see more wholesale nail polish and color changing nail polish in our website. Welcome to share your thoughts about them by comments. Thanks, dear.
See you next time!

Sep 12, 2017

Holographic Nail Polish Design and Tutorial Video Collection-Your Favorite Nail Art ◍•ᴗ•◍

Hi dears. Happy Tuesday. I am very excited to be able to see you again:) Thanks so much for your support all the time. I received many comments from our last holographic nails blog, thank you for your admiration and it means a lot for us. ♥♥
Today, I am going to share you a roundup of holographic nail polish designs. Follow me to see them below~

The first nail art design pictures have been shown here. They are used with one kind of holo polish #35875, can you believe that? The effect is different and it depends on how many times you brush it.

This red one glitter holographic nail polish design, do you like it? Simple use with the cheap nail polish, why don’t you try one? Search item code 24877 from to see more beautiful pictures. 

Next two nail designs are dark blue and green, which one do you prefer? Just as its name, all-embracing, let’s embrace this kind of holographic nail polish

Look at this one, it looks a litter different with above ones, right? Actually, it is not designed by holographic nail polish, it is by holographic glitter powder. If you love nail powder and the holo effect, then this one is a great choice for you. #38757 here. 

Finally, I can’t wait to share you the two excellent holographic nail polish tutorial video. You will never expected that gorgeous nails could be from such cheap nail polish, yes? Then I think you could get a lot of nail tips from here!

I am feeling bad now that I have to say goodbye to you lovelies. Please share me your thoughts with us about your nail art ideas or other nail art creative thoughts♥♥♥. They will be definitely precious for us. See you! 

Sep 7, 2017

Unique Glitter Nails-Great Benefit for You Lovelies

Hi, dear. How is your weekdays? Hope you could take care of yourself even if you are so busy. Heart~ ♥♥

You may could take a look at our blog when you are off work and hope our nail art pictures would make you feel relaxed. As usually, it is time to share you some special nail art. And glitter nails is our today’s topic. How much do you know about glitter nails?

Can you believe that the three glitter nails pictures are designed by the same one kind of unicorn mermaid powder? Yes, I also did not believe that it is true:) But it is true. You just need to change the color of the base coat, then you will get different unicorn glitter nails. Sounds magic, right? You will know it after you have a nice try! #item code 39940 from 

Now, how do you think of these two nail art? Chameleon glitter powder effect looks great, do you agree me? The nails will keep longer if you use the uv base coat, uv gel polish and no-wipe uv top coat before you brush the powder. Tips: Any kind of powder or sequins should be used with the three steps before using powder or sequins, amazing effect will make you surprised!!! Search item code 40147 from see more details~

Another unicorn neon nail art glitter nails is here now. This picture looks elegant and you cannot miss it if you are an absolute nail power fan. Get this neon unicorn mirror powder here and try once:)


The last one is the most attractive for all of you. Our Born Pretty peacock holographic power is our the newest and most popular nail powder, check this tutorial video and learn how to design your unique nails. Item code #40893, shop it now!!

Thank you for your support all the time~ My dear. See you next time. 

Sep 4, 2017

A Series of Elegant Stamping Art Nails Sharing for You ♥‿♥

Hello, lovelies. Hope everything is treating you well recently :) I am feeling very happy to see you again here. It is time to share you our Born Pretty customers’ art nails review for your girls now. Are you expecting that? Follow me to see below pictures and trust me, they will never let you down~

Look at this first one, you could not miss it if you are a geometry image fan~ Cool art nails and I love it. It is suitable for some characteristic girls. Wanna try? Search item code 36312 from to get more surprises.

The second one looks elegant, right? You could finish the stamping art nails with wholesale nail polish and the stamping polish will be better!

This third picture is lovely and cute, do you agree me? Painting your nails like that when during your holiday, sounds relaxed! Which animal is your favorite? Item code #30347.

Beautiful flower stamping art nails, I cannot describe it with mu words. How do you think of it? Noble, stunning and formal, just have a try with wholesale nail polish. Search 39490 from and design your own nails.

Another fantastic figure liner stamping nails, do not miss it and try it (item code 39713), then share us your nail art design! I am waiting now~

This one looks not brighter as before nails, but it rather look more mysterious! Try it when you are going to a formal party! It is our new and popular product #40238.

Hot and colorful flower images art nails, girls who are warm could try them!! It is suitable in this season and match it with your skirt~

The last one, cool design with exotic images, how do you think of it? You could see more strange images from here. Remember that you have to use the wholesale nail polish to finish your stamping nails, stamping nail polish should be your first choice!

Now, it is done. Which one is your favorite? You will know that it is simple and enjoyable during the process. Welcome to share your thoughts about nail art freely! See you next time! ♥‿♥