Aug 15, 2017

Elegant Color Changing Nail Polish Reviews Collection for You Here ♥

Hello, dears. Thank you very much for all our Born Pretty sincere fans being here all the time ♥♥. Your support really means a lot for us. Thanks again, lovelies~

Today, I am going to share you a collection of color changing nail polish design reviews, and please feel free to share me your thoughts through comment.

Look at this one, simple nail design but still beautiful. Do you want to try? You could get more details after searching 18931 from And next two reviews all used this color changing nail polish~

Different color bring different feelings, right? If you like this style, you could try one. The usage steps has been shared on our page.

This one looks fresh and pretty suitable for summer, do you agree me? Our Born Pretty cheap nail polish can always reach an amazing effect:)

The nails is designed with color changing nail polish with liner nail art stickers, so cool~ Here to get more details, big sale and seize this opportunity~

Elegant nail design is here, have a nice try! ♥♥

This fresh nail designer must be good at nail art and get a suitable proportion for the perfect color. How do you think of this one?

Look at the last one, pink lovers should not miss this post. Comfortable color could make you happier, yes? Color changing nail polish fans could pay more attention here!

Now, could you share me which one do you prefer? Color changing nail polish always looks cooler and the usage steps are easy to learn. Cheap nail polish with good quality, sounds fantastic~

Please let me know if you want to see other nail design types in our Born Pretty blogger. Thank you and see you next time!

Aug 11, 2017

Selecting One Holographic Nail Polish to Spend Your Wonderful Holiday

Hi lovelies! Happy Friday~

I believe that you have enjoyed a collection of stamping templates in our Born Pretty last blog post. Hope you had found your favorite one~

Now, I am going to share you a series of our Born Pretty holographic nail polish, are you expecting it? ♥♥ If yes, let’s see more details together next:)

Look at the first one, amazing glitter nails, do you agree me? You will get more surpries after clicking here ♥‿♥.

The second one, magic rainbow holo nail polish nails, beautiful colors can be matched well with all of your dresses.

The third different glitter holographic nail polish, looks cool. Are you planning to try one? Search item code 35871 to get more info~

The fourth one, magnificent color, it is suitable for you to attend ball or party. Do miss it here~

Do you think the fifth holographic nail polish color look likes the sky color? If you like sky, you would definitely love this kind of nail polish~

The sixth holo nails, are you brave enough to try this one? (◍•ᴗ•◍) Item code: 36892, have a nice try!

The seventh one, also my favorite one kind of glitter nails. Elegant color may make you look gentle

The eighth one, fantastic nails color look great to match your white and beautiful hands~ This kind of holographic glitter nail polish is on sale now, don’t miss this opportunity.

The last one, dark colored holographic nail polish is also stunning, yes? See here and design your own creative nails :)

It is done! Thanks so much for our customers generous sharing. Which one is the most adorable nail polish for you? Please just be free to share your thoughts with us through leaving a comment. See you next week!

Aug 9, 2017

A Piece of Stamping Template, Leting Your Nails Say Goodbye to Loneliness

Hello, loves. How are you? Nice to see you again

Beautiful nails are always like the beating notes on your fingertips, and it could bring you different moods with different nail styles. After seeing so many amazing nail pictures, you also may cannot stop entering nail salon, then you would find you have spent much on your nails~

Today, I am going to share you a kind of cheap and high-quality nail treasure-nail stamping plates, which could make your nails keep beautiful all the time without entering the salon. Do you want to try? 

BORN PRETTY Round Stamping Plate Umbrella Dreamy Clouds Star Manicure Nail Art Image Plate BP-179, cute and creative images, think about painting them on your nails:)
BORN PRETTY Round Stamping Plate Elegant Swan Ballet Flower Manicure Nail Art Image Plate BP-180, ballet dancers benefit, share it to your friends who love ballet~
BORN PRETTY Stamping Template Constellation Divination Star Rectangle Nail Art Image Plate BP-L087, you cannot miss this constellation plates if you are a constellation lover. The price is $2.99, on sale for you!
BORN PRETTY Round Stamping Plate Unicorn Flamingo Ice Cream Manicure Nail Art Image Plate BP-164, unicorn element, just come on and join our unicorn fans family~

The usage steps have been shown below, follow me to learn how to use it if you are a green hand:)
Enjoying a series of stunning stamping plates, do you know that templates are connected with stamping nail polish? You could find so many cheap nail polish with high quality in our bornprettystore.

Have a nice try! Don’t forget to share us your nails then~ See you. 

Aug 4, 2017

Beautiful Stamping Nails-Born Pretty Nail Art Tutorial Videos from Customers Sharing♥

Hi dear. I am very excited to see you again. Because today I am going to share you two stamping nail design tutorial videos from our Born Pretty customers. It is a great benefit for you if you are a stamping nail lover. Let’s us enjoy them together next~

Look at this one, have you figured out how to finish beautiful stamping nails with nail stamping kit? We can see that it is necessary to have a set of products including nail stamping template, nail stamping polish, nail art liquid tape and nail stamping stamper. This video could teach you how to use it correctly, and do you want to have a try?

The second one video looks cool, agree me? The water marble plate image bring us mysterious feelings. Search item code 39484 from to get this cool product.

We have viewed two tutorial videos, are you confident to design your gorgeous one alone? By the way, nail art tools and brushes are also much helpful for nail designs. Click here to choose some products you need such as nail brush set , nail dotting pen, nail polish dryer and so on.

Finally, you should not miss our Born Pretty new arrivals which would bring many surprises for your life~

Shop them now and start your nail art designs soon. See you!

Aug 1, 2017

Born Pretty Amazing New Arrivals-Nail Art UV Gel Polish You Could Collect

Hey, loves! How are you these days?

It has been a while from last time we share you a collection of uv gel nail polish. Do you have any plan to buy some special and stunning nail art supplies? If yes, then congratulations, this post will bring you any surprise. Hope you will love them:)

Cool chameleon cat eye soak off uv gel polish has been displayed as above picture shows. 12 colors can be selected from here, and we also provide the usage steps in details, so it is OK if you don’t know how to use it. The nail art design will looks better if you use the black gel firstly.

Colorful soak off gel polish, do you want to try? You know that soak off gel polish is convenient when you want to change your nail design and it also bring less harm for our nails. We also call this kind of nail gel polish candy polish, do you agree me?

Attention!! This uv gel polish is the one that should be a great benefit for you nail artists and professional nail designers. You could see three types: tempered base coat, tempered matte top coat and tempered top coat. Each one has different features and advantages, and you can try tempered top coat if you hope your nails solid. Search item code 40707 from 

As the name pumpkin soak off uv gel, the colors of the polish just look like the pumpkin. Which one color do you like best? Bright colors may make you happier. Click here to get more details about this product. 

The last one is the most special one that I show you today. Glitter gel holographic polish, do you have similar one? The effect is different with above four kinds of polish. Please remember to shake up the polish to make the polish color balanced.

Now, it is done! Hope you have found one you love. Trust me, the effect will not let you down if you are willing to give it a try~~

Finally, the coupon code GPL91 to get 10% off discount is still valid for the original price products.

See you next time!